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self help

Into the Loving: Finding Yourself in Love; 6 week Program

Being deeply present for yourself in Love can heal. 

A program on self love, self acceptance, and moving into heart centered living.

Creating a foundation of self Loving, self support, and claiming love as the tool to navigate your experience can provide the foundation for the next steps to deeper healing and unfoldment.

A simple but powerful experience of gently holding yourself in the Loving and extending this experience to the world around you.

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healing program

Walking the Path to Higher Ground: Calling Forward the Inner Healer

An invitation to be deeply held in sacred union with your Inner Healer, and experience the dynamic of loving group support and synergy. A program designed to engage all your levels in the consciousness of healing. 

Ideal for those dealing with a health challenge or other challenge calling for focused shift.

• 12 weeks - Online Live

• 10 live small group meetings 

• 12 individual private sessions

• Online daily guidance course 

• Materials for independent use 

• email support 

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Co-Facilitated with Richard Powell DSS

energy work

Noetic Balancing

Take a deep dive into your beingness on all levels: releasing old patterns and blocks energetically, physically, emotionally, mentally, subconsciously, and spiritually. 

The Noetic practitioner acts as a guide to assist in releasing all that no longer serves you, facilitating realignment to your higher truth and purpose while creating an opening for deep levels of self compassion and forgiveness. 

Noetic balancing assists with the clearing of patterns which ultimately create physical imbalance and illness, and how these patterns are reflected on the other levels. 

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The Triad Co-Facilitated Session

Experience the power of the triad.

Liesl Schott MD and Richard Powell DSS bring together powerful skills in a multifaceted co-facilitation approach. The synergy of the Triad assists in dynamically releasing the blocks and patterns that prevent success, wellbeing, expansion and awaken you to your inherent radiance and empowerment.

Powerful for the individual and may be appropriate for couples.

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Sol Healing a Wellness Center

Dr. Schott is now practicing in Austin Tx one day a week at Sol Healing and Wellness Center. 

13805 Ann Place • Austin TX • 78728

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